We are Loon Valleys Local Bike Shop. Our experienced technicians can repair your bike in a timely and affordable manner. You dont have to make an appointment. Bring your bike in for a free estimate. From bike rebuilts to a flat tire, we can do it all, and we don't charge you for air.




Basic Tune, $49

Includes: True (straighten wheels), adjust hubs, adjust brakes, adjust shifting, lubricate appropriate surfaces (chain, cables, pivots, etc.) torque (tighten) all nuts and bolts to proper specification, adjust headset, fill tire pressure, wipe down clean.

Full Tune, $65

Includes: Basic Tune as well as; complete removal and reinstallation of drivetrain (chain cassette, and crank set) for parts washing. This process removes dirt, grease buildup, and other grime from your drivetrain leaving it sparkly clean.

Professional Tune, $150

Includes: Full Tune as well as; Complete replacement of all cables and housing, Bleed Hydraulic Brakes, and repack hubs if indicated. This will leave your bike with snappy shifting, powerful braking, and a smooth ride like a brand new bike.



Adjust shifting, $10

Adjust brakes, $10

Bleed Hydraulic Brakes, $20

Repack Hubs / Bearings, $20

Build Bike, $50 minimum

Tire Tube, $6 minimum

Tire Tube Install, $10

Brake / Derrailleur Cables, $3 per cable

Cable Housing, $3 per foot

THULE Rack Install, $20 minimum

Other Labor, $1 per minute / $60 per hour