Welcome to the Mothership Snowboard Shop. A true core snowboard shop located in the heart of the White Mountains right here in Lincoln, NH. The Mothership Snowboard Shop focuses on some of the smaller brands in the industry and supports many brands that have their product built right here in the USA. Working with smaller brands means working directly with the owners and engineers of these companies ensuring greater quality control and a higher level of customer service. Also, because we work with some of these smaller companies, we have the option for custom manufacturing. That’s right, if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in a snowboard design we have a couple of manufacturers who will work with you to build your custom snowboard, whether it be a custom graphic or a complete custom shape !!

Customer Service has always been a major part of the Mothership Snowboard Shop. We at the Mothership Snowboard Shop will take the extra step to ensure the proper fitting of snowboards, snowboard boots and bindings. We strongly believe that the setup is just as important as the product. You can buy the most expensive boot, board, and binding combination that we carry but if it’s not setup properly you will not have any benefit from it at all.

When looking for your next snowboard purchase please remember to check us out. Our experienced staff will take the confusion out of buying your next piece of snowboarding equipment and will ensure many great days on the slopes.



Lib Technologies (Sequim, WA)

Gnu (Sequim, WA)

Smokin (Lake Tahoe, CA)

Humanity (Washington, UT)

Never Summer (Denver, CO)

Marhar (Granville, MI)

OZ (Wheat Ridge, CO)

Rome SDS









Bent Metal


Spark R&D




Thirty Two






One Ball Jay – Wax, Scrapers, Irons, Brushes, Tuning Kits, Travel Bags, Leashes and Locks 

Dakine – Stomp Pads, Binding Hardware, Travel Bags, Hats, Gloves, Laces and Locks

Spark R&D – Climbing Skins, Trekking Poles, Slitboard Binding Accessories (Crampons, Heel Lockers, Etc.)

Candygrind – Hats, Gloves, and Face Masks

Dragon Optics – Goggles

Swix – Tuning Clamps, Wax, Files, File Guides and Irons

Level Gloves – Gloves and Mittens with integrated wrist protectors

Rome – Travel Bags, Hats, Gloves

686 – Outerwear, Belts, Gloves, Hats

Oneill – Outerwear, Hats

Roxy – Outerwear, Hats

Oakley – Outerwear, Goggles

Holden - Outerwear